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Journal Publications


Angle-selective thermal emitter for directional radiative cooling and heating, Joule 7 (2023)

J.W. Zhou, T.G. Chen, Y. Tsurimaki, A. Hajj-Ahmad, L. Fan, Y. Peng, R. Xu, Y. Wu, S. Assawaworrarit, S. Fan, M.R. Cutkosky, and Y. Cui


Plausible photomolecular effect leading to water evaporation exceeding thermal limit, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 120, e2312751120 (2023)

Y. Tu, J.W. Zhou, S. Lin, M. AlShrah, X. Zhao, and G. Chen


Colorful low-emissivity paints for space heating and cooling energy savings, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 120, e2300856120 (2023)

Y. Peng, J.C. Lai, X. Xiao, W. Jin, J.W. Zhou, Y. Yang, X. Gao, J. Tang, L. Fan, S. Fan, and Z. Bao, and Y. Cui


Vacuum insulation arrays as damage-resilient thermal superinsulation materials for energy saving, Joule 6, 2358 (2022)

J.W. Zhou, Y. Peng, J. Xu, Y. Wu, Z. Huang, X. Xiao, and Y. Cui


Heat conductor-insulator transition in electrochemically controlled hybrid superlattices, Nano Letters 22, 5443 (2022)

J.W. Zhou, Y. Wu, H. Kwon, Y. Li, X. Xiao, Y. Ye, Y. Ma, K.E. Goodson, H.Y. Hwang, and Y. Cui


Mobility enhancement in heavily doped semiconductors via electron cloaking, Nature Communications 13, 2482 (2022)

J.W. Zhou, H. Zhu, Q. Song, Z. Ding, J. Mao, Z. Ren, and G. Chen


An integrated 3D hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity design for artificial sweating skin (i-TRANS) mimicking human body perspiration, Advanced Materials 34, 2204168 (2022)

Y. Peng, J.W. Zhou, Y. Yang, J.-C. Lai, Y. Ye, and Y. Cui


High ambipolar mobility in cubic boron arsenide, Science 377, 437 (2022)

J. Shin, G.A. Gamage, Z. Ding, K. Chen, F. Tian, X. Qian, J.W. Zhou, H. Lee, J. Zhou, L. Shi, T. Nguyen, F. Han, M. Li, D. Broido, A. Schmidt, Z. Ren, and G. Chen


Observation of an intermediate state during lithium intercalation of twisted bilayer MoS2, Nature Communications 13, 3008 (2022)

Y. Wu, J. Wang, Y. Li, J.W. Zhou, B.Y. Wang, A. Yang, L.W. Wang, H.Y. Hwang, and Y. Cui


Significant reduction in semiconductor interface resistance via interfacial atomic mixing, Physical Review B 105, 195306 (2022)

Q. Song, J.W. Zhou, and G. Chen


Coloured low-emissivity films for building envelopes for year-round energy savings, Nature Sustainability 5, 339 (2022)

Y. Peng, L. Fan, W. Jin, Y. Ye, Z. Huang, S. Zhai, X. Luo, Y. Ma, J. Tang, J.W. Zhou, L.C. Greenburg, A. Majumdar, S. Fan, and Y. Cui


Significant suppression of phonon transport in polar semiconductors owing to electron-phonon-induced dipole coupling: An effect of breaking centrosymmetry, Materials Today Physics 22, 100598 (2022)

T.H. Liu, J.W. Zhou, Q. Xu, X. Qian, B. Song, R. Yang


Phonon-engineered extreme thermal conductivity materials, Nature Materials 20, 1188 (2021)(Invited Review)

X. Qian, J.W. Zhou, and G. Chen


First-principles study of all thermoelectric properties of Si-Ge alloys showing large phonon drag from 150 to 1100 K, Physical Review Applied 16, 064052 (2021)

Q. Xu, J.W. Zhou, T.H. Liu, G. Chen


Integrated cooling (i-Cool) textile of heat conduction and sweat transportation for personal perspiration management, Nature Communications 12, 6122 (2021)

Y. Peng, W. Li, B. Liu, W. Jin, J. Schaadt, J. Tang, G. Zhou, G. Wang, J.W. Zhou, C. Zhang, Y. Zhu, W. Huang, T. Wu, K.E. Goodson, C. Dames, R. Prasher, S. Fan, and Y. Cui


Toward optimal heat transfer of 2D-3D heterostructures via van der Waals binding effects, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 46055 (2021)

L. Zhang, Y. Zhong, X. Qian, Q. Song, J.W. Zhou, L. Li, L. Guo, G. Chen, E.N. Wang


Stretchable anti-fogging tapes for diverse transparent materials, Advanced Functional Materials 31, 2103551 (2021)

S. Lin, Y. Yang, J. Ni, Y. Tsurimaki, X. Liu, B. Lu, Y. Tu, J.W. Zhou, X. Zhao, and G. Chen


Direct observation of large electron-phonon interaction effect on phonon heat transport, Nature Communications 11, 6040 (2020)

J.W. Zhou, H.D. Shin, K. Chen, B. Song, R.A. Duncan, Q. Xu, A.A. Maznev, K.A. Nelson, and G. Chen


Dynamic intermolecular interactions through hydrogen bonding of water promote heat conduction in hydrogels, Materials Horizons 7, 2936 (2020)

J.W. Zhou, S.T. Lin, H.X Zeng, J. Liu, B.X. Li, Y.F. Xu, X.H. Zhao, G. Chen


Quantifying thermal transport in amorphous silicon using mean free path spectroscopy, Physical Review B 101, 144203 (2020)

Y. Pan, J.W. Zhou and G. Chen


Nanostructured polymer films with metal-like thermal conductivity, Nature Communications 10, 1771 (2019)

Y.F. Xu, D. Kraemer, B. Song, Z. Jiang, J.W. Zhou, J. Loomis, J.J. Wang, M.D. Li, H. Ghasemi, X.P. Huang, X.B. Li, G. Chen


Enhanced thermoelectric properties for PEDOT:PSS / undoped Ge thin film bilayered heterostructures, Advanced Electronic Materials 5, 1800624 (2019)

D. Lee, J.W. Zhou, G. Chen, and Y. Shao-Horn


Effect of electron-phonon interaction on lattice thermal conductivity of SiGe alloys, Applied Physics Letters 115, 023903 (2019)

Q. Xu, J.W. Zhou, T.-H. Liu, and G. Chen


Discovery of TaFeSb-based half-Heuslers with high thermoelectric performance, Nature Communications 10, 270 (2019)

H.T. Zhu, J. Mao, Y.W. Li, J.F. Sun, Y.M. Wang, Q. Zhu, G.N. Li, Q.C. Song, J.W. Zhou, Y.H. Fu, R. He, T. Tong, Z.H. Liu, W.Y. Ren, L. You, Z.M. Wang, J. Luo, A. Sontnikov, J.M. Bao, K. Nielsch, G. Chen, D. Singh, and Z.F. Ren


Optical engineering of polymer materials and composites for simultaneous color and thermal management, Optical Materials Express 9, 1990 (2019)

L.M. Lozano, S. Hong, Y. Huang, H. Zandavi, Y.A.E. Aoud, Y. Tsurimaki, J.W. Zhou, Y.F. Xu, R.M. Osgood, G. Chen, and S.V. Boriskina


Large thermoelectric power factor from crystal symmetry-protected non-bonding orbital in half-Heuslers, Nature Communications 9, 1721 (2018)

J.W. Zhou, H.T. Zhu, T.-H. Liu, Q.C. Song, R. He, J. Mao, Z.H. Liu, W.Y. Ren, B.L. Liao, D.J. Singh, Z.F. Ren, G. Chen


Electron mean-free-path filtering in Dirac material for improved thermoelectric performance, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 115, 879 (2018)

T.-H. Liu, J.W. Zhou, M.D. Li, Z.W. Ding, Q.C. Song, B.L. Liao, L. Fu, and G. Chen


Phonon hydrodynamic heat conduction and Knudsen minimum in graphite, Nano Letters 18, 638 (2018)

Z.W. Ding, J.W. Zhou, B. Song, V. Chiloyan, M.D. Li, T.-H. Liu, and G. Chen


Molecular engineered conjugated polymer with high thermal conductivity, Science Advances 4, eaar3031 (2018)

Y.F. Xu, X.X. Wang, J.W. Zhou, B. Song, Z. Jiang, E.M.Y. Lee, S. Huberman, K.K. Gleason, and G. Chen


Advances in Thermoelectrics, Advances in Physics 67, 69 (2018) (Invited Review)

J. Mao, Z.H. Liu, J.W. Zhou, H.T. Zhu, Q. Zhang, G. Chen, and Z.F. Ren


Umklapp scattering is not necessarily resistive, Physical Review B 98, 180302(R) (2018)

Z.W. Ding, J.W. Zhou, B. Song, M.D. Li, T.-H. Liu, and G. Chen


Efficiency limits of solar energy harvesting via internal photoemission in carbon materials, Photonics 5, 4 (2018)

S.V. Boriskina, J.W. Zhou, Z.W. Ding, and G. Chen


Phonon localization in heat conduction, Science Advances 4, 12 (2018)

M.N. Luckyanova, J. Mendoza, H. Lu, B. Song, S.X. Huang, J.W. Zhou, M.D. Li, Y. Dong, H. Zhou, J. Garlow, L. Wu, B.J. Kirby, A.J. Grutter, A.A. Puretzky, Y.M. Zhu, M.S. Dresselhaus, A. Gossard, and G. Chen


Self-compensation induced vacancies for significant phonon scattering in InSb, Nano Energy 48, 189 (2018)

J. Mao, J.L. Niedziela, Y. Wang, Y. Xia, B. Ge, Z. Liu, J.W. Zhou, Z. Ren, W. Liu, M.K.Y. Chan, G. Chen, O. Delaire, Q. Zhang, and Z. Ren


Deep defect level engineering: a strategy of optimizing the carrier concentration for high thermoelectric performance, Energy and Environmental Science 11, 933 (2018)

Q. Zhang, Q. Song, X. Wang, J. Sun, Q. Zhu, K. Dahal, X. Lin, F. Cao, J.W. Zhou, S. Chen, G. Chen, J. Mao, and Z. Ren


Simultaneously high electron and hole mobilities in cubic boron-V compounds: BP, BAs, and BSb, Physical Review B 98, 081203 (2018)

T.-H. Liu, B. Song, L. Meroueh, Z.W. Ding, Q.C. Song, J.W. Zhou, M.D. Li, and G. Chen


First-principles mode-by-mode analysis for electron-phonon scattering channels and mean free path spectra in GaAs, Physical Review B 95, 075206 (2017)

T.-H. Liu, J.W. Zhou, B.L. Liao, D.J. Singh, and G. Chen


Thermoelectric Properties of n-type ZrNiPb-Based Half-Heuslers, Chemistry of Materials 29, 867 (2017)

J. Mao, J.W. Zhou, H.T. Zhu, Z.H. Liu, H. Zhang, R. He, G. Chen, and Z.F. Ren


A microporous and naturally nanostructured thermoelectric metal-organic framework with ultralow thermal conductivity, Joule 1, 168 (2017)

L. Sun, B.L. Liao, D. Sheberla, D. Kraemer, J.W. Zhou, E.A. Stach, D. Zakharov, V. Stavila, A.A. Talin, Y. Ge, M.D. Allendorf, G. Chen, F. Léonard, and M. Dincă


Manipulation of ionized impurity scattering for achieving high thermoelectric performance in n-type Mg3Sb2-based materials, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 114, 10548 (2017)

J. Mao, J. Shuai, S.W. Song, Y.X. Wu, R. Dally, J.W. Zhou, Z.H. Liu, J.F. Sun, Q.Y. Zhang, C. Cruz, S. Wilson, Y.Z. Pei, D.J. Singh, G. Chen, C.-W. Chu, and Z.F. Ren


Tuning the carrier scattering mechanism to effectively improve the thermoelectric properties, Energy and Environmental Science 10, 799 (2017)

J. Shuai, J. Mao, S.W. Song, Q. Zhu, J.F. Sun, Y.M. Wang, R. He, J.W. Zhou, G. Chen, D.J. Singh and Z.F. Ren


Ab initio study of electron mean free paths and thermoelectric properties of lead telluride, Materials Today Physics 2, 69 (2017)

Q.C. Song, T.-H. Liu, J.W. Zhou, Z.W. Ding, and G. Chen


Nonperturbative quantum nature of the dislocation–phonon interaction, Nano Letters 17, 1587 (2017)

M.D. Li, Z.W. Ding, Q.P. Meng, J.W. Zhou, Y.M. Zhu, H. Liu, M.S. Dresselhaus, and G. Chen


First-principles calculations of thermal, electrical, and thermoelectric transport properties of semiconductors, Semiconductor Science and Technology 31, 043001 (2016) (Invited Review)

J.W. Zhou, B.L. Liao and G. Chen


New insight into the material parameter B to understand the enhanced thermoelectric performance of Mg2Sn1-x-yGexSby, Energy and Environmental Science 9, 530 (2016)

W.S. Liu, J.W. Zhou, Q. Jie, Y. Li, H.S. Kim, J.M. Bao, G. Chen and Z.F. Ren


The effect of shallow vs. deep level doping on the performance of thermoelectric materials, Applied Physics Letters 109, 263902 (2016)

Q.C. Song, J.W. Zhou, L. Meroueh, D. Broido, Z.F. Ren and G. Chen


Quantitative analyses of enhanced thermoelectric properties of modulation-doped PEDOT:PSS/undoped Si (001) nanoscale heterostructures, Nanoscale 8, 19754 (2016)

D. Lee, S.Y. Sayed, S. Lee, C.A. Kuryak, J.W. Zhou, G. Chen and Y. Shao-Horn


Ab initio optimization of phonon drag effect for lower-temperature thermoelectric energy conversion, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 112, 14777 (2015)

J.W. Zhou, B.L. Liao, B. Qiu, S. Huberman, K. Esfarjani, M.S. Dresselhaus and G. Chen


Significant reduction of lattice thermal conductivity by the electron-phonon interaction in silicon with high carrier concentrations: A first-principles study, Physical Review Letters 114, 115901 (2015)

B.L. Liao, B. Qiu, J.W. Zhou, S. Huberman, K. Esfarjani and G. Chen


Ab initio study of electron-phonon interaction in phosphorene, Physical Review B 91, 235419 (2015)

B.L. Liao, J.W. Zhou, B. Qiu, M.S. Dresselhaus and G. Chen


Measuring phonon mean free path distributions by probing quasiballistic phonon transport in grating nanostructures, Scientific Reports 5, 17131 (2015)

L.P. Zeng, K.C. Collins, Y.J. Hu, M.N. Luckyanova, A.A. Maznev, S. Huberman, V. Chiloyan, J.W. Zhou, X.P. Huang, K.A. Nelson and G. Chen


Enhancement and tunability of near-field radiative heat transfer mediated by surface plasmon polaritons in thin plasmonic films, Photonics 2, 659 (2015)

S.V. Boriskina, J.K. Tong, Y. Huang, J.W. Zhou, V. Chiloyan and G. Chen


Generalized two-temperature model for coupled phonon-magnon diffusion, Physical Review Letters 113, 025903 (2014)

B.L. Liao, J.W. Zhou and G. Chen


Resonant bonding leads to low lattice thermal conductivity, Nature Communications 5, 3525 (2014)

S. Lee, K. Esfarjani, T.F. Luo, J.W. Zhou, Z.T. Tian and G. Chen

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